ABPM is ambulatory blood pressure monitoring non-invasive technique by which multiple indirect blood pressure readings can be obtained automatically for 1- to 3-day periods with minimal intrusion into a patient’s daily activities.

We represent following ABPM devices:

  • IEM Mobil-O-Graph NG Classic the classic ABPM device sets new benchmarks and perspectives for Hypertension Management in the clinic and medical practice.
  • IEM Mobil-O-Graph PWA  is one of the most widely approved and best devices worldwide when it comes to measuring central blood pressure and arterial stiffness with currently more than 200 studies and publications in the field of pulse wave analysis (PWA).
  • Finapres NOVA is a non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitor that can be expanded at any time with several hardware modules and software applications of your choice, enabling you to define the monitor appropriately for your daily operations.
  • Finapres Finometer PRO is a stand-alone solution for accurate non-invasive beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring.
  • Finapres Finometer MIDI offers an optimal solution for hemodynamic trending in protocols when blood pressure changes are more important than absolute values.
  • The Portapres offers standard ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) and displays hemodynamic parameters such as stroke volume and cardiac output.



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