Audiometers are devices for testing of a person’s ability to hear various sound frequencies.This testing is usually administered by a trained technician called an audiologist.

Audiometry testing is used to identify and diagnose hearing loss. The equipment is used in health screening programs, for example in grade schools, to detect hearing problems in children. It is also used in the doctor’s office or hospital audiology department to diagnose hearing problems in children, adults, and the elderly. With correct diagnosis of a person’s specific pattern of hearing impairment, the right type of therapy, which might include hearing aids, corrective surgery, or speech therapy, can be prescribed.

A trained audiologist (a specialist in detecting hearing loss) uses an audiometer to conduct audiometry testing. This equipment emits sounds or tones, like musical notes, at various frequencies, or pitches, and at differing volumes or levels of loudness. Testing is usually done in a soundproof testing room.

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