Intermedic group based in Belgrade is specialised in the sale and service of medical equipment. We represent some of the greatest manufacturers of medical equipment such as: Accoson, Demetech, Edan, Finapres, Honeywell, Inmedico, Iem, Mir … Our aim is to introduce and educate domestic market with the latest international technologies. All the goods we are importing and selling has all the international and domestic certificates, product instructions are translated into Serbian. Delivery and installation of our products includes staff training. For all products in our offer is provided service in warranty and outside the warranty period.

Some of the products are in our offer:
Audiometers, ECG devices, ABPM, Cardiotocography, Osteodenzitometry, Patient monitors, Pulse oximetry, Spirometry, Sphygmomanometers, Vision Screening, Tympanometry, Ultrasound, Vision screeners …

We are certified with following ISO standards: